Welcome to the 2022’s International Innovation, Science and Technology Fair!

To all the Children, Teenagers, Young Scientists, Professors and Researchers from all over the World:

The International Innovation, Science and Technology Fair (Feincyt 2022) is an international environment to share experiences and results around research projects carried out by students and professors from basic to superior levels, and from Regional to International institutions, based on the International Youth Science Protocol.

Participating in Feincyt means establishing collaborative relationships with public and private educational institutions and researchers from different latitudes, with the possibility of exchanging ideas, the promotion and divulgation of scientific work and the interest for researching.

The winning projects will obtain accreditations to participate in various Scientific Fairs around the World.

To every student, teacher and consultant, we greatly appreciate the enthusiasm and dedication for participating in this academic and scientific event, wishing you success in the nomination of your projects!


The next program belongs to Feincyt 2020 edition.(2022 program in process)


These documents are only available in Spanish language.
Download here all the necessary documentation to participate in Feincyt 2022.

Announcement 2021

Scientific Report 2021

Registration Form 2021

Norms Feincyt 2021

Feincyt 2016

Experiences from the first International Feincyt fair celebrated in 2016 at the Benito Juarez Central Park in Juchitan, Mexico.

Feincyt 2017

Second edition of the International Innovation, Science and Technology Fair celebrated in 2017 at Casa de la Cultura (Lidxi Guendabiani) in Juchitan, Mexico.

Feincyt 2018

Third edition of the International Innovation, Science and Technology Fair celebrated in 2018.

Feincyt 2019

Fourth edition of the International Innovation, Science and Technology Fair celebrated in 2019.


How to Arrive?

From Mexico City to Juchitan

From TAPO Station y and Central del Norte in Mexico City there are several buses from the following brands which go to Juchitan: OCC, ADO GL, ADO Platino and AU. You can buy your tickets directly at the station or by internet in the ADO website.

Nearby Airports

There’re flights scheduled from Mexico City to nearby cities such as Ciudad Ixtepec, Huatulco and Oaxaca, and from any of them there’re frequent buses to Juchitan, taking an approximate time of 15 minutes from Ciudad Ixtepec, 2 hours from Huatulco, and 5 hours from Oaxaca.

Jerome Bruner

From Juchitan’s ADO Station, follow the 16 de Septiembre Avenue and turn in Vicente Guerrero, then go through Cto. José F. Gómez and take again Vicente Guerrero. Follow straight and you will arrive at Instituto Pedagogico Jerome Bruner.